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It's a revolutionary experience of the matching process that shorten to the minimum the attending time and distance between you and the cool girls and boys in every city in a completely safe process.

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Xnooner it's application offering an cool dating service dedicated to the most beautiful girls and boys that you can ever dream to meet with.

Instant Translation

You can easily communicate from any language to any other language thanks to the live chat translation feature.

Match Function

Xnooner will choose the right model to suit your preferences via the function matching.

Your Desire in a Simple Research

By using filter research you’re able to look just for the kind of girls or boys you like.

Geolocation Pointer

Every girl and boy is located by a pointer in the area that you’re looking for.

Geolocation Distance

Thanks to this feature every girl or boy is able to check your distance and verify that you’re getting closer without knowing your exact position.


After each date you’ll both leave and receive a feedback to guarantee the app service quality.

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